Well, I’m not sure if this is news to anyone but and Shemale porn sites are popping up left and right. But is it news to you?

I personally used to be quite judgmental of many of the tranny porn sites out there. But as time has gone on, I have learned to just accept them as “tranny” and know they are safe for my children. It seems that I have made a lot of friends in the transsexual community over the past several years. And that is probably what’s helping to change some people’s perception of the transsexual community.

Also, transsexuals online have found that is a great resource. Because of this site, so many other tranny porn sites have come about which makes finding things like shemale porn very easy.

But don’t just think of as just another tranny porn sites. It is also a place where you can go to find tranny porn sites and chat rooms that are a place for other transsexuals to just hang out and talk with each other. You will find that not everyone is out there just to get in your face and start a personal feud.

To some extent, I think the reason why has made so many shemale sites is because of how open it is and how much fun you can have at the same time. If you’re into chat rooms and the internet in general then you’ll find this to be a great resource.

The biggest plus about are that it is totally free. Most of the websites you find there are downloadable for use with your own computer. And the best part is that you can even download tranny porn. So even if you don’t have a computer, you can still find some transsexual porn on this site.

In fact, most of the people who use this site are talking about tranny porn. There are many pictures of shemale porn models as well as pictures of real trannies.

Another plus about are that the free shemale porn is really great and usually in high quality. No one wants to see tranny porn on low quality material.

Some of the best tranny porn found on is shot from other trainees’ POV. They take you behind the scenes and give you a glimpse into what it’s really like for a female to get his/her hair cut and nails done for the public.

As far as the videos on go. They are usually all out sex scenes between actual transsexuals and crannies of the opposite sex. So if you are looking for some real shemale sex, you’ll find it here.

This is not the place to find trannies who are just trying to make some friends. It’s one thing to meet other transsexuals in real life but you need to stay away from the shemale porn in this site.

So there you have it, another tranny tube. Just one more alternative to keep your children safe from harmful transsexual pornography.

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